Chainsaw carvings by Gary Lacey Wood carved Bears Owls Eagles Dogs Commission carvings School projects
Chainsaw carvings by Gary LaceyWood carved Bears Owls Eagles DogsCommission carvings School projects

Welcome to Livingwood Chainsaw Carvings Cheshire by Gary Lacey

I will bring to life that tree stump that you wanted removing, with a commission carving in your garden. I have a great knowledge of wild life and a keen eye for detail. Bears, owls, Eagles, etc, etc. Or just give me a picture and I will copy it for you, I also do garden benches and funiture, I work through out Cheshire and will travel to all places in the UK. Or you can find me at webbs garden center runcorn cheshire.

gruffalo chainsaw carved bears
Relief carving
chainsaw carved butterfly
chainsaw carved car
chainsaw carved owl
chainsaw carved Orangutan

What makes us different?

From planning and carving to after-care, we help you make your dreams come true.


Who are we?

Trust the expert. My experience supplies you with a wealth of ideas and expertise for your chainsaw sculpture.


What can we do for you?

Owls, bears, eagles... Just send me a picture.  You're sure to be impressed by my range of services, including landscape building: 

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Let our successes inspire you!


chainsaw carved gorilla
chainsaw carved foot ball crest liverpool

We'll be happy to drop by and give you some advice about your sculpture. Just phone us:

Tel: 01928 590086

 You can also use our contact form.


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